Friday, June 17, 2011

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Wir, Barrakas 18, 998 YK (Day 32).

In the morning, the Eclipse Collective retrieves Cecil from the Temple of Hidden Light and, with Talbot, make their preparations to finally depart. After saying their goodbyes to those they befriended in the hall (specifically, Rendil Halfmoon and Terrlen Darkseeker), they head up the gradual slope of the Road of Lanterns, pausing only briefly to reminisce about their difficulty getting into the mountain. Cecil explains that his party entered by careful manipulation of his "merchant connections." Finally, with the consent of the Enforcers who guard the Seven Pillared Hall - a welcome change - they exit through the Minotaur Gate, allowing their eyes to adjust to natural light for the first time in over a week, and at long last, they leave Thunderspire behind them.

I miss it already!

Sul, Barrakas 22, 998 YK (Day 36).

Without the horses loaned to them before by Mr. Artauche, the journey back to Vedykar takes four days on foot. Back in the city, the party heads to Wealth Street, home to Mr. Artauche. They deliver the Rod of Order to the wealthy aristocrat. Artauche is delighted, and offers the party their reward, which includes the money agreed upon at the contract signing, and a magic amulet, taken by Eshunu. After what basically amounts to small talk, Mr. Artauche announces that he has yet another job for them, if they are interested. The group is far less reluctant to take the offer this time, and though they still extract from him what information they can before agreeing, the prospect of even greater reward is appealing, and they sign up. Cecil is hesitant; he believes his business is concluded, and that he no longer has a place with the Eclipse Collective. They attempt to convince him otherwise, and while he is not quite satisfied with their efforts, decides to tentatively accompany them anyway.

Artauche explains that during the Eclipse Collective's absence he has done some further research on the Rod of Order and discovered it has two counterparts: items that go together with the Rod to form a complete artifact. He has tracked down the approximate location of one of these two counterparts, an item appropriately named the "Chaos Gear." Mr. Artauche believes that it is currently in the Eldeen Reaches, on the far western side of Khorvaire. The Collective is to go to Greenheart, the capital of the Reaches, and meet with the other of Artauche's two top agents, a man named Malevarn. He then sends them on their way. Garmeth has an odd conflict with Artauche's butler as they are leaving.

The party is instructed to take the lightning rail west to the city of Rekkenmark, then board a ferry of some kind to cross Scion's River to the city of Thaliost, in Thrane. There, they must board the lightning rail again, this time for the city of passage, where they must gain take a boat to the town of Delethorn, and finally follow the road up to Greenheart. Immediately, they head towards the lightning rail stop next to the Vedykar Exchange, with passes provided to them by Mr. Artauche, who notes that beyond this he will fund no more travel expenses.

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